Note: Each Project Grief course is different

and offers options in terms of cost, topic, time, and art supplies. Check out the courses here to find course-specific answers to your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need technology-wise to take Project Grief courses?

You can complete the course with any Mac, PC, or iOS mobile device. Courses aren't downloadable, so you do need internet access.

Can I access the course on my smart phone or tablet?

Only iOS mobile devices are able to access use the mobile app at this time (we hope an app for non-iOS is coming soon!). Once you enroll in a course, you can download the free Teachable app and use the same log-in credentials you used to enroll. From there, you can access the course anywhere you have internet access! Visit here to learn more about the free app, or visit here to watch a tutorial.

What if I'm grieving for a different reason (other than the death of a loved one)?

You're right - grief comes as a result of all kinds of losses, and not all have to do with death. Grief can result from the loss of a pet, a divorce or breakup, a job loss, or a scary diagnosis (loss of health). Project Grief courses specifically address grief as a result of the death of a loved one. If you're able to "translate" the topic to fit your situation, go ahead! You might really benefit from Project Grief courses. If you'd prefer to see a course specifically for your situation, please contact me and I'll consider creating a new course in the future.

Are you a licensed therapist?

I am an artist, fellow griever, and a certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach through Transformation Academy. I am not a licensed therapist. Project Grief courses are the equivalent of having coffee with a mentor/friend, picking up a self-help book, or joining a peer-led grief support group. This course is not intended to replace the role of formal counseling or other therapies. Many Project Grief students have actually found great success in completing the Master (Your Grief) Course alongside therapy sessions with a licensed counselor.

Can I do this course with a friend or family member?

Community support is a vital part of the healing process! In Holidays After Loss, I encourage families to enroll once and then complete the projects together. However, Grief Art 101 and Master (Your Grief) Course are my not intended to host multiple users under one enrollment. I encourage each individual to purchase an enrollment, and then you may meet face-to-face for accountability, support, or to share art supplies.

Can I use this course as curriculum for a community group?

If you are wanting to show the videos and create art project within a group, please reach out to me directly before purchasing and we’ll find an arrangement that best fits your situation. Remember to state if you are part of a church, nonprofit, or social services organization.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

Don't worry. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me within the first 30 days of enrollment and we will give you a full refund. If 30 days has already past, you can simply log in to your account and stop your monthly subscription.

I really want to take a Project Grief course. What if I can't afford it?

This course is priced to match our high-quality videos, projects, and downloads, as well as a Facebook community. That said, sometimes cost keeps us from the things we truly need to heal. Please reach out to me directly if you really want to take this course but you can't afford it. I’d love to help find a solution with you.

Can Project Grief speak at an event, or do a workshop for my community organization?

I love sharing Project Grief with local communities! I am based out of Boise, ID. Send me a message if you'd like to discuss bringing Project Grief to your community organization or event.

I really believe in what you're doing. Can I to donate to Project Grief?

You can support Project Grief directly by signing up here and giving a monthly donation. Project Grief is a for-profit business start-up. Your donation is greatly appreciated, but do remember that it is not tax-deductible.

Can I see your privacy policy?

Certainly! My privacy policy covers both personal information, as well as emotionally-sensitive information you might choose to share in the context of a course. I want you to know you're safe with me.

What kinds of losses will these courses address?

While grief can result from a variety of experiences, most Project Grief courses are aimed to address grief that results from the death of a close loved one, be it friend or family, a long time ago or just yesterday. Some courses, like Coloring for Self-care, offer a more generalized approach to emotional wellness and can by completed by someone who hasn't experienced a loss.

What kinds of art projects will I do?

We explore a variety of paper crafts, coloring tools, and mediums like acrylic and watercolor paints. Often we're working with household items like dish soap or recycled cardboard boxes, too! Each course is different, so check out the supplies list for each one.

How do I know if I'm "ready" to take a course?

Grief looks different for everyone, and there's no timeline that says you're "ready to move forward." If you're feeling stuck in grief, or you're just tired of feeling so tired and sad all the time, you could be ready to take the leap. If you're still unsure, I recommend enrolling in my new 14-day FREE trial, or trying out the super affordable mini-course, Grief Art 101.

Is there an online community to help with my grief support?

Every course has a built-in community where students can share comments and ask questions. The Master (Your Grief) Course and Holidays After Loss come with an additional private Facebook group for the instructor & students to interact, as well as to share questions, struggles, and especially victories with one another! Your participation in course communities is completely on your terms, though, so feel free to engage as much as you want/need.

How much does a course cost?

Each course is designed to fit a certain need or topic. Therefore, they vary in length, as well as cost (anywhere from $5 to $247). To learn more about each course, visit my course directory and click on the one that most interests you.

How much time does it take to complete a course?

Each course is different, so find a course that interests you and check out the time estimation for that specific one. If you're in a season where you're feeling short on time, Grief Art 101 is a good place to start. Grief Art 101 can be completed anywhere from 40 min. to 1.5 hours, depending on your pace (plus, it's only $5 to try!).

Don't see your question here?

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