SHARING: What brings you here?

Hello, dear one. My intention is to welcome you, but I realize that grief is the journey you never wanted to be on. I'm so sorry for the loss that got you here.

I want you to know that you are not alone. I might not understand your exact loss, but I have been there, when it feels like life has lost all its color. I know all about the overwhelming range of emotions you might be feeling right now. I understand the need to find a safe space to express your grief, and I'm honored to walk alongside you here.

Take some time (and maybe a few tissues) to listen to my story of grief, art, and overcoming. There's hope for you too!

Video duration: 15:35 This is the longest video - if you don't have time or energy to watch right now, it's totally fine to skip to the questions below.

What brings you here? If you feel comfortable sharing, leave a comment sharing briefly about any of the following prompts:

  • What's your loss? How are you doing?
  • What brought you to this course? What do you hope to gain by the end of this mini-course?

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