Hello, Grief Artist

I'm shedding my "grief victim" mentality, and you can too.

On this day a year ago... pain still real

One year ago at 5am, I got the call that my granpa had passed. It had been a full two weeks of scares, tears, precious moments, quiet, dread, grief. My grandpa had meant the world to me. He was an amazing storyteller, with a sense of humor that made any stranger he met into an instant friend. I...


Facing the Holidays After Loss: How to Make it Easier & Meaningful

The holidays are always a special time of joy, wonder, and reflection. But after a significant loss, it’s hard to think of yourself enjoying the special traditions and gatherings with this grief in your heart. Sometimes you might feel like you have to put on a “mask”. Why? to protect yourself...


How An Artist Grieved

"An Artist Grieves," read the title card at the door. The visitor steps in to a brightly lit room with a long conglomerate of images across three walls. The shape is best described as a timeline, and from afar, the images cluster to form their own organic shape. Step closer, and each individual...