Project Grief

Process your grief healthfully and creatively - even IF you haven't done art since you were a kid.

ART is a powerful tool for grief recovery.

YOU can learn how to use it - no previous art experience necessary.

Grief is a healthy response to a loss. There's no specific time frame for it's completion, and there's no certain way we have to do it.

Often when we feel "stuck" in grief, it's because we've hit a wall. It might be adversely affecting relationships, jobs, or day-to-day life. Or it might be taking over your thoughts, coloring your emotions, and infiltrating your identity.

Sometimes we need a little help to make it through.

(...and friend, it's OK to need that support!)


Experience the benefits of making art with Project Grief:

  • Begin to "feel better” (this is a BIG deal!)
  • Learn coping skills to face triggers & death anniversaries
  • Say goodbye to the old and begin to welcome new things into your life
  • Adjust to life without your loved one (begin painting a new "picture" of your life)

...and let it impact your life after loss, too!

  • (Re)discover who you are apart from your grief & loss
  • Learn to be more present
  • Acquire skills to help face other life challenges (because they will come)
  • Rediscover joy in your everyday (I call it "learning to see in color" again!)

"I never knew experiencing grief had any positive side to it so I simply ran away from it all the time... I'm beginning to see the good from the loss."

- Past Student, Celebrate Recovery

"Um...Do I have to be super artistic to do these courses? I'm at the stick-figure level."

Not at all! In fact, students with little-to-no previous art experience have gained some of the greatest benefits already. That's because, unlike fine art (which all about the final product), grief art is all about the process. So if it ends up ugly or messy, great job! Grief is ugly and messy, too. You don't have to be an artist in order to benefit from art as a tool for grief recovery.

And if you are artistically inclined, there is so much to learn from putting your emotions and thoughts into your artwork. I invite you to try it.


Anyone can learn to be a "grief artist”.

(Note the keyword here is LEARN.) Grief artists are people who take the pain of life & transform it into tools and lessons that help them to continually discover a new identity, to love deeper, be more present, and to better work through difficulties as they come.

What if you could find and create something beautiful out of the horrible mess of your losses?

“This is an amazing process... It's so hopeful to believe that something good can come from such tragedy... I highly recommend!”

- Shari Hall, Biblical Counselor

"Sounds awesome! But how does it work?"

I'm so glad you asked...

A variety of dynamic online courses offer different topics (such as facing the holidays after loss) and mediums (aka, pen & paper, watercolor, paints, or the whole shabang). Choose the course that fits what interests you - and then come back for more!

The star of the show is the Master (Your Grief) Course - a ten lesson, ten art project progression in transforming your grief mindset from that of a passive “grief victim” to that of the Grief Artist. Grief is a long-term journey, so this course is the perfect guide to help you face the coming months with victory. Master your grief so that it doesn't master you.

Another great place to start is Grief Art 101. Learn about the grief process, discover where you're at on your personal journey, and begin dreaming about how art can help you move forward.

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Grief is so hard. I've been there...

"There's no rhyme or reason to the timeline of our personal grief journeys. There's also no set formula for grieving well, and no "easy button" to make it all OK. That said, I've learned some things on my personal grief journey that I'd be honored to pass on to you."

- Danica Thurber, Co-owner & Instructor

Martha's Story: From "grief victim" to Grief Artist

"Going through Project Grief and finishing it was one of the most healing things I could have done for the grief …"

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of art projects will I do?

We explore a variety of paper crafts, coloring tools, and mediums like acrylic and watercolor paints. Sometimes you'll even work with household items like dish soap or recycled cardboard boxes, too! Each course is different, so find a course that interests you and check out the supplies list for each one.

How do I know if I'm "ready" to take the course?

Grief looks different for everyone, and there's no timeline that says you're "ready to move forward." If you're feeling stuck in grief, or you're just tired of feeling so tired and sad all the time, you could be ready to take the leap. Project Grief courses are right for you if you want a safe space to process your thoughts, or if you just want to “feel better”.

Enroll if you also want to acquire skills that will help you face other life challenges outside of just grief. And most importantly, join us if you’re willing to process your thoughts and emotions, creatively. I'm so excited to meet you!

How much time does it take to complete a course?

Each course is different, so find a course that interests you and check out the time estimation for that specific one. If you're in a season where you're feeling short on time, Grief Art 101 is a good place to start. Grief Art 101 can be completed anywhere from 40 min. to 1.5 hours, depending on your pace (plus, it's only $5 USD!).

Is there an online community to help with support?

Every course has a built-in community where students can share comments and ask questions. Master Your Grief and Holidays After Loss come with an additional private Facebook group for the instructor & students to interact, as well as to share questions, struggles, and especially victories with one another! Your participation in course communities is completely on your terms, though, so feel free to engage as much as you want/need.

More FAQs Here


I might not understand your exact loss, but I have been there, when it feels like life has lost all its color.

I understand the need to find a safe space to express your grief, and I'd be honored to (artfully!) walk with you through it.

- Danica, Co-owner and Instructor