Project Grief

Loss is so hard. Learn to use ART to heal - no previous art experience necessary.

When a loss happens, you need a way to express your grief.

ART is a powerful tool that anyone can learn to use in their own grief recovery.


Grief is a healthy response to loss.

But it's hard to know what to do with such overwhelming feelings and thoughts. Sometimes it can feel like grief is taking over - adversely affecting relationships, jobs, or day-to-day life.

Facing a loss can feel like facing a blank canvas. Where do you even start?

1-on-1 Grief Counseling can be intimidating, and often it becomes a financial burden that requires extra time driving to and from appointments.

Our online art courses are affordable opportunities that allow you to process your loss on your own time (even the midnight hours when you can't sleep!), from the comfort of your home.

Project Grief will show you how to:

Loss takes us beyond comfort and our words often fall short of expressing the pain we feel inside.

Our creative approach helps you go beyond words, expressing your thoughts and emotions through a variety of art projects (paint, watercolor, recycled art, you name it!)

Each course is designed to help you take the next step in transforming your loss into something beautiful.


"But I'm not an artist!"

- says everyone, ever

Do I have to be artistic to do these courses?

Not at all! In fact, students with little-to-no previous art experience have gained some of the greatest benefits already. That's because, unlike fine art (which all about the final product), grief art is all about the process. So if it ends up ugly or messy, great job! Grief is ugly and messy, too. You don't have to be an artist in order to benefit from art as a tool for grief recovery.

If you are artistically inclined, I'm so glad you're here! There is so much potential for growth when you learn to put more and more of your emotions and thoughts into your artwork. This course is for you, too!


"Fine Art" is about the final PRODUCT.

Grief Art is about the PROCESS.

That's why anyone can learn to be a "Grief Artist".

Would you like to...?

  • Grant yourself permission to grieve your loss
  • Follow a guide as you make your way through your grief
  • Understanding and express your overwhelming feelings & thoughts
  • Learn coping skills to face triggers & death anniversaries

What if you could...?

  • Discover who you are (your identity) apart from your loss
  • Truly allow yourself to say goodbye (accepting the loss for what it is)
  • Re-adjust to life without your loved one (AKA, a "new normal")
  • Rediscover joy & purpose in your everyday life

Discover the power of art to help you in your grief journey

Martha's story: "Going through Project Grief...

and finishing it was one of the most healing things I could have done"

How can art help me in my grief?

Project Grief courses are based on up-close-and-personal experience with loss, the arts, and helping others through their emotional pain. Here are just a few reasons why it works:

What past students have to say:

Find the course that's right for you:

"Loss is so hard! I've been there."

A little about me:

Danica Thurber, Artist & Instructor

When I was twelve years old, my dad passed away of a sudden heart attack. I struggled to understand and express my grief for many years afterward, and art was sometimes my only outlet for grief.

I graduated from Washington State University with a thesis on "Cultural Expressions of Grief Through Art", which was published in an online journal that same year. Since then, I have spoken at multiple conferences nationwide and led grief art workshops throughout the Northwest. I am now a practicing artist and certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach.

My story: I created Project Grief to help others

I might not understand your exact loss, but I'm familiar with the overwhelming range of emotions you might be feeling right now.
I understand the need to find a safe space to express your grief, and I want to walk with you through it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of art projects will I do?

We explore a variety of paper crafts, coloring tools, and mediums like acrylic and watercolor paints. Often we're working with items like dish soap or recycled cardboard boxes, too! Each course is different, so check out the supplies list for each one. I'll show you everything you need, follow easy step-by-step video tutorials, pdf templates, and yes, give you the freedom to be creative when you want to.

How much does it cost?

I currently offer 3 courses, with more on the way. Each course is designed to fit a certain need or topic. Therefore, they vary in length, as well as cost (anywhere from FREE to $247). To learn more about each course, scroll to "featured courses" and click on the one that most interests you.

How do I know if I'm "ready" to take the course?

Grief looks different for everyone, and there's no timeline that says you're "ready to move forward." If you're feeling stuck in grief, or you're just tired of feeling so tired and sad all the time, you could be ready to take the leap. Project Grief courses are right for you if you want a safe space to process your thoughts, or if you just want to “feel better”. Enroll if you also want to acquire skills that will help you face other life challenges outside of just grief. And most importantly, join us if you’re willing to process your thoughts and emotions, creatively. I'm so excited to meet you!

How much time does it take to complete a course?

Each course is built to address certain needs, and so they take different amounts of time. The Project Grief master course is built to support long-term healing, so we recommend completing no more than one lesson a week. If you do this, you'll complete it in approximately 12 weeks (but longer is fine and totally normal). Holidays After Loss is made up of 5 shorter projects that can be done over a weekend, a month, or a season - whatever feels right for you. And finally, Grief Art 101 is a good place to start, because it can be completed in 1.5 hours (plus, it's FREE to try!).

Is there an online community to help with support?

Yes! The Holidays After Loss and the Master Course come with a private Facebook group for the instructor & students to interact, as well as to share questions, struggles, and especially victories with one another! Participation in the group is completely on your terms, though, so feel free to engage as much as you want/need.

What do I need technology-wise to do the course?

You can complete the course with any Mac, PC, or iOS mobile device. Courses aren't downloadable, so you do need internet access.

Can I access the course on my smart phone or tablet?

Only iOS mobile devices are able to access use the mobile app at this time (we hope an app for non-iOS is coming soon!). Once you enroll in a course, you can download the free Teachable app and use your same log in credentials. From there, you can access the course anywhere you have internet access! Visit here to learn more about the free app, or visit here to watch a tutorial.

Ask me anything!

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